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Upcycle garment class "His Becomes Her"

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Here is the info about the upcoming class. If you are interested in registering please email me at and I will send you the registration form.

Upcycle Clothing Class

“His Becomes Her”

Saturday September 10, 2022

The Resource Center for Nonviolence

612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, CA

Many high fashion designers are already repurposing garments, now it’s our turn to follow suit. I’ve been upcycling garments for several years now and find it fun and satisfying BUT it also contributes to the fact we as a society need to recycle, even garments. I’ve even wrote a book on designs to upcycle shirts “wayward threads: Techniques and Idea to Upcycle Unloved or Discarded Garments.”

In this class we will go through the process of recreating a garment from purchase to finish. The garment will be made from shirts so the finished one will be a top/tunic/dress. We will be using the design from my book “His Becomes Her”.

I will give you design tips and ideas; make ruffles from other shirts for a hemline, sew yoyo’s to attach as adornments, cut button panels to sew on other shirts for trim, these are just a few ideas to incorporate. This is not a tailoring class so think of a garment being more artful and that raw edges and flaws might be part of the intended design. Basics sewing skills are all that is required. I am limiting the class to 12 so I can spend time with each individual to create your own style garment, from lacy and feminine to grungy and edgy.

A lightweight jacket/shirt design that requires 3 – 5 shirts depending on the size of the shirt’s sleeves and how full you want the skirt to be. Sleeves will get cut from some of the shirts and sewn to the bottom of another shirt you have chosen to be the top. The sleeves are cut with the shoulder seam on the sleeve and this becomes the hemline when sewn to the top shirt.


~ 3 – 5 button down shirts, one of them needs to fit you as the top part of the jacket, the other shirts can be men’s as the sleeves will be larger for the skirt. You will want the sleeves lengths to be about the same so check for this when you are buying the shirts. Look for shirts that co-ordinate and have about the same fabric weight and drape. Some ideas, all linen cotton type shirts, all denim or chambray, all flannel shirts or use flannel shirts as the skirt part attached to a denim/chambray/cotton shirt

~ Scissors

~ Yardstick

~ Straight pins

~ Dritz disappearing ink marker -I like this brand because the mark lasts longer than others

~ Tape measure

~ Sewing machine that you know how to thread and use

~ Embellishments: lace trim, vintage collars, crochet pieces, buttons, etc.

~ Iron

Optional: buttons, laces, trims, flounces, doilies, embroidery thread and needles, or any embellishments you might want to add to your finished shirt.

Cost per student $125.00 (includes a copy of my book.) If you have already purchased my book you can deduct $25.00 and pay $100.00.

You can always contact me to ask questions!

Lorri Scott

Class Registration ~ Upcycle Clothing “His Becomes Her”

Saturday September 10, 2022 ~ 9:30 – 4:30

Resource Center for Nonviolence

612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, CA

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________________ State _____ Zip _______________

Phone# _________________________________ Email _________________________________

Workshop Cost Book (deduct if purchased) Total

One Day $125.00 -$25.00 $___________

You can pay with PayPal @

Or mail a check to: Lorri Scott

26275 Loma Prieta Way

Los Gatos, CA 95033

Please refer to the supply list and bring all items including your copy of the book if you have already purchased. Also bring a lunch, there is a kitchen we have access to. I will provide water, tea, and coffee and some snacks.

If you are paying with PayPal I would like this registration form filled out and returned to me either by mail or email. If paying by check please include this form when you mail.

Lorri Scott



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