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List of shows, fairs, and workshops

May Day Show

May 4 & 5

421 Gharkey Street

Santa Cruz, CA

pcfrnt2024 copy.jpg

Goat Hill Fair

May10 & 11

Santa Cruz County Fairgrouds

Watsonville, CA


Exploring Botanical & Rust Dye Techniques

August 10-11, 2024


Prescott, AZ

Fabric pieces are laid on the table, littered with fallen leaves, bygone rose petals, neglected rusty relics of iron and copper, perhaps sprinkled with tea or marigolds.  Bundles of nature are wrapped, bound, and steamed then left to transcend and create magic.  We’ll even dye some paper items too!


We will experiment with a variety of flora (I.e eucalyptus, roses) using different mordants (i.e. tannin, iron, copper) and different types of fabrics, ribbon, & dollies. We will explore rust dyeing techniques using metal objects and stencils.  We may overdye some pieces with natural dyes of avocado, black walnut, or tea.

When you leave at the end of class you will have a nice pile of dye printed fabrics to use in all types of mixed media projects ~ books, jewelry, clothing adornments, fabric flowers, whatever your imagination conjures up!

For more info and to register visit Kat Kirby's website

PenWag ~ Peninsula Wearable Art Guild

"My Designing Story"

November 9
Roosevelt Redwood Room (Q80)
Campbell Community Center

Campbell, CA

10:30-noon PST

In this seminar I will talk about my journey creating wearable art garments and accessories from handwoven, hand dyed, and upcycled.  I will have lots of garments to show how this journey progressed.

1:00 - 4:00

"Stitched & Rust Dyed Scarves"

A workshop will follow the seminar where you can rust dye small pieces of fabric and hand stitch them to a pre-dyed or natural fabric scarf.

For more info and to register visit the website

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