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On this page, you'll find events I currently have scheduled, including workshops as well as pop-up sales. Check back regularly for updates. I also share event information on my social media feeds.

Current Teaching Schedule

April 16, 2023

Art and Soul - Portland

Rusted Stars and Bleach: Flannel Shirt Revival

In this class (9am–4:30pm), we will be bleaching flannel shirts for a distressed look and then embellishing them with rust dye (printed fabrics with a celestial theme).

Bring two flannel shirts that fit you to class. I ask you to bring two because occasionally the dye used in the shirt will just not bleach out. It’s rare but could happen, and I want you to have one that will bleach. Only one shirt will get used for class. We will upcycle shirts by stitching muslin fabric—that I have pre-rust dye printed with stars and celestial elements—onto the shirt. We will rust dye vintage lace in class, and you can use that on your shirt, too. You can embellish your shirt with as many or as little elements as you want.

Shirts will be folded or twisted to bleach only portions of the shirt, or you can bleach the whole shirt. We will be outside to do the bleaching of the shirts (I will provide Tyvek protective aprons).

After shirts are bleached and rinsed we will put them all in the washer to further rinse the bleach smell out. While the shirts are washing, we will take pieces of Quaker lace to rust dye to use as trim on the shirt. We will take the pre-rusted muslin fabric (with stars and other celestial elements) and cut out areas we want to stitch onto the shirts. These rust-dye printed fabrics can also have color added to them by painting Dye-Na-Flow pigment dyes onto them if you choose.

After lunch, when the shirts are washed and dried we will stitch our muslin pieces onto the shirt, also adding the lace pieces if you want. I will have lots of buttons, including ones with stars, to add to the front of the shirt for further embellishment. Stitching will be mostly done by hand to finish and revive your flannel shirt.

Workshop Fee: $185

Materials Fee ($20 paid at beginning of class) includes:

Pre-rust dyed fabrics, lace pieces to dye, buttons to choose from, other embellishments to choose from, fusible webbing should you want to iron your fabrics onto shirt.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

  • Pins and pincushion

  • Scissors for fabric

  • Natural fiber flannel shirt (cotton or rayon – no polyester or manmade fibers)

  • Needles and embroidery threads

  • Optional: Laces, buttons, trims, or other embellishments to add on your shirt

  • I will have extra supplies should you need them and I will have a few items for sale.

April 17, 2023

Art and Soul - Portland

Botanical and Rust Dyed Scarves

This class (9am–4:30pm)—a journey through a garden of your own creation—offers you the opportunity to create a scarf to wear when you need the soft embrace of Mother Nature.

Fabric pieces are laid on the table, littered with fallen leaves, bygone rose petals, neglected rusty relics of iron and copper, perhaps sprinkled with tea or marigolds. Bundles of nature are wrapped, bound, and steamed, then left to transcend and create magic.

Raw silk gauze scarf lengths of fabric will be dyed. While the scarf fabrics are simmering, we will rust and botanical dye small pieces of fabrics that you may want to stitch onto your final scarf piece or use in other projects later on.

I will show you how to finish the scarves with my hand-sewn hem method using embroidery floss and running stitch. If you choose to bring buttons or old lace, these can be added on the ends or maybe some rhinestone chain may add a bit of bling.

You must be prepared to smell the heady aroma of eucalyptus and onion skins steaming and be open to the surprising transformation of the dye process.  

Workshop Fee: $185

Materials Fee ($20 paid at beginning of class) includes:

2 scarf blanks, fabrics, dyes, embroidery thread and needles, botanicals and other goodies.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

  • Pins and pincushion

  • Scissors for fabric

  • Protective apron (and gloves if you want gloves other than the disposable ones I provide)

  • Vintage lace, buttons, or other trims and adornments for your scarf

  • (I will have extra scarf blanks for sale as well as some vintage lace, etc. for embellishment.)

April 18, 2023

Art and Soul - Portland

Intuitive Storyscapes (Co-Taught with Jen Cushman)

Your curiosity and imagination are the keys to discovering your intuitive self. You know this instinctively in your heart and soul because when you are in the midst of your creativity and making art, you can feel the tingling sensation of time standing still. The feeling of being rooted in the center of your being allows your artistry flow to pour forth from your hands and heart, sending thrills throughout your whole body.

Granted, getting into flow comes easier to some of us than others, and every single human is creative. Imagination is our birthright. Intuitive Storyscapes with Lorri Scott and Jen Cushman will take you on a journey toward yourself to create a beautifully-intimate and instinctively-meaningful work of he{art}and soul.

Storyscapes embody collage with fabric, fiber, paper, nature finds, and other unique elements that are hand-dyed, painted and stitched. 

Add into that mix an empowering oracle card that you’ll draw for inspiration and to help jump start your creative narrative, and the result will be your own meaningful “storyscape.”

We begin class with an intuitive Mandala (created collaboratively by the instructors before you arrive) comprised of dyed fabrics using rust, botanical, and other techniques interspersed with lace pieces, printed words on fabric, scenes printed on organza and all other elements to create with. An oracle card for our creative community will be drawn and shared with the class and then each person will walk around the mandala gathering pieces that intuitively call to you to become your Storyscape. This shared experience of gathering our art materials in a new way sets the tone and feel for the day of both joyful collaborative community and soulful introspection.

After choosing your pieces, instructors will talk about the elements of collage and how to apply them. Collage begins with an idea. When we walk the mandala, various pieces of fabrics and elements will jump out at you, so you grab it to add to your remnants.

After collecting from the mandala and stepping back to reflect on what you’ve chosen, inspiration will begin to take hold and guide you to a beautiful and unique-to-you arrangement.

Throughout the day, participants are encouraged to approach Jen if they wish for a quick five-minutes or less oracle card reading for further inspiration or clarity to guide your creativity to a final “storyscape.”

Lorri will talk about stitching ideas, adhesives, bindings, attachments, and how to hang your final piece. We can stitch pockets on the back to add your empowering oracle card and other items or written words you want to include.

It helps to come with an open mind, no preconceived notions or expectations. This workshop is perfect for those who want to participate in a new experience of intuitive collage with intention and style. 

Workshop Fee: $185

Materials Fee ($25 paid at beginning of class) includes:

All dyed and printed fabrics, trims, embellishment to create with

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

  • Scissors

  • Needle and thread (black and white, and any other various colors you may wish to use)

  • Embroidery thread in your favorite colors

  • Ruler (if you like straight lines)

  • Paint brush for adding painted details or mark making

May 6 & 7, 2023

May Day Show

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