Upcycled Garment Contest Entrants


I have to say the entries were so close! The top three winners are

3rd Runner Up - Joanne Vadnais

2nd Runner Up - Lillian Wogensen

Grand Prize Winner - Toni McCarthy

Because it was so close two people are being given a Judges Choice Award
Michelle Paganini
Catherine Caliari Harris

Congratulations To All!

Etsy gift cards will be emailed to the winners.

Amy Davis King

Catherine Caliari Harris

Diane Hubbard Lanford

Doris Amstutz

Jane Wolf

Jean Powers Cross

Joanne Vadnais

Joyce Fouts

Laura Dene McHugh

Lillian Wogensen

Maria Ines Gelari

Michelle Paganini

Thoma Lou Maddy

Toni McCarthy

Victoria Russell

Angie Hall Collett

Upcycled Garment contest entries are all in.  

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